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Order Issues

I Put Down the Wrong Address!

Oh no! We'll do our best to get your address updated before it ships out of our warehouse. Contact our Customer Service with the following information so we can address it as quickly as possible:. - Order Number, or Full Name and Phone Number. - Inco

Product Arrived Damaged or Defective

We are so sorry if you received an item that is not up to our quality standards! If you received any products that were damaged or defective upon arrival, message our customer care team with the following information:. - Order Number, or Full Name an

My Order is Being Sent Back!

We're so sorry about your order! If your order is returned to sender, whether UPS or USPS, we would be more than happy to send a new package out to you immediately. If your order is being sent back it's likely that there was a mistake in the shipping

An Item is Missing from my Order

So sorry to hear! We don't split shipments at all, so if you are missing an item from your order, it is definitely a shipping error from our warehouse. We would be more than happy to ship out the missing item to you. All we need is the following:. -

I Did Not Receive my Full Amount of Entries

So sorry for the issues! If you did not receive the amount of entries you though you would, there first are a couple things to clear up, that maybe would lead to lower entries than expected. 1. Entry Multipliers. Any entry multiplier promotion will b