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My Order is Being Sent Back!Updated 7 months ago

We're so sorry about your order! If your order is returned to sender, whether UPS or USPS, we would be more than happy to send a new package out to you immediately.

If your order is being sent back it's likely that there was a mistake in the shipping address. That means we'll need the following information from you:

- Order number, or Full Name and Phone Number

- Address verification

- (optional) New, different address that may be safer to make sure it doesn't get sent back again.

To get in contact with our team, simply send an email [email protected]. Or you can text/call out number 385-350-4041.

Lastly, this will not affect your entries by any means! Entries are submitted and tracked as soon as the order is placed, not when the order is delivered to you. Hiccups in the shipping process will not have any effect on entries. 

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