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Giveaway Questions

What are the Requirements to Enter?

We make getting entered very simple! But before placing an order on our site, you should make sure you meet all of the requirements needed to win our Dream Car Giveaway. These requirements include:. - Be a permanent legal resident of the US, District

How Will I know if I Win?

Once we reach the deadline for our Dream Car Giveaway, we take a couple of days to finalize all of our entries and send them to our sweepstakes company, Marden Kane Inc. They will conduct the drawing and finalize the winner before getting back to us

When is the Winner Announced?

Once the Dream Car Giveaway comes to a close, we will take a couple days to finalize and mail entries to our third party sweepstakes company. They will conduct the drawing, contact the winner, and get back to us once it's officially them!. For inform

Do we Really Give these Cars Away?

We really do! 80eighty was established in 2014 and since then we have given away millions of dollars in car and cash prizes. Realistically, any large clothing company has the ability to giveaway a car every so often, we just are the ones that choose