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Do we Really Give these Cars Away?Updated 2 years ago

We really do! 80eighty was established in 2014 and since then we have given away millions of dollars in car and cash prizes. Realistically, any large clothing company has the ability to giveaway a car every so often, we just are the ones that choose to do it.

You can check out all of our past winners with this link

Not all of our winners have social medias where they show their cars off, but there are a couple. If you're interested in seeing their perspective here's a couple instagram handles:

- DCG#35 Winner, @k1dturbo

- DCG#53 Winner, @ready4action33

- DCG#46 Winner, @beantown_builds

- DCG#24 Winner, @whoisrouchan

- DCG#29 Winner, @quicksilversupra

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