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Domestic U.S. Shipping

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping times:. All of our shipping and fulfillment happens in-house, which brings many benefits for ourselves and our customers! Mainly, it means that we get to control everything and do our best to have your order shipped as fast as possible. Ship

Can I Pick-Up my Order if I'm Local?

You can absolutely pick up your order if you're local in the Utah Draper area! We would love to meet you, and I'm sure you would love to see the current Dream Car!. To get in contact with our team, simply send an email [email protected]. Or you ca

What Shipping Carriers are Used?

Currently, we ship via USPS and UPS! At checkout you will have a couple options to choose from, depending which carrier and service you prefer. Keep in mind that the estimated shipping times are not the time from placing the order, to you getting the