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Is the Clothing True to Size?Updated a year ago

We do our best to only provide clothing that is true to size! We know that's what we would want if we were buying.

Nonetheless, we do carry clothing articles from different manufacturers, so sizing might differ from one hoodie to another. Or maybe one shirt to another.

Most products on our website have a sizing chart attached as the last image on the product. Taking a look at these may give you a better idea of what size you should purchase. If you are looking for a sizing chart and the product does not have one attached, our customer care team would be happy to provide one! Just send us a message with the following information:

- Product you need a sizing chart for. (Screenshots from our site are preferable!)

To send us a message, we suggest using the chat bubble on the bottom left of this page, or send us an email using [email protected]!

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