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How Long does Canadian Shipping Take?Updated 2 years ago

Shipping times:     

     All of our shipping and fulfillment happens in-house, which brings many benefits for ourselves and our customers! Mainly, it means that we get to control everything and do our best to have your order shipped as fast as possible.

  • Our goal is to have your order processed and shipped from our warehouse within 3-5 business days. 
  • International shipping time only varies once the order has shipped out from our warehouse. Once the order goes out shipping will likely take 5 days or longer. 
  • We try to get orders shipped as fast as possible while still upholding our standard of quality.
  • Whenever certain circumstances out of our control arise, shipping times may vary

Shipping Methods:     

Selecting different shipping methods such as UPS expedited, or USPS First Class does not place priority on our end. A faster shipping option implies that once we actually ship the order out, it'll arrive sooner, within the time frame that you were promised. 

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