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Entry Multiplier Promotions

Entry multiplier promotions are great for getting some extra entries at no extra cost! Throughout a giveaway, we will possibly announce chances to earn 5x, 10x, or even 20x entries at certain points. In each of these cases, Total Entries = Order Subt

What is 500% and 1000% Entries?

Entry multiplier promos are the best way to get yourself some bonus entries without having to spend more money!. There has been some confusion on what phrases like 500% entries means. Really, 500% more is just another way for us to say 5x. That being

Dual Entry Promotions

Sometimes, we will have two Dream Car Giveaways running at once, and offer a dual entry promotion! This means that placing one order will get you entered into both giveaways. Usually dual entry promotions will come with a multiplier as well. For exam